Olympic Palace *****

I wish that my interior photos were a real touch of perfection and thanks to them the viewer could perfectly experience the atmosphere of a place.

Interior photography is a very specific activity. Each room contains many textures, colours and surfaces. To let every material come to the fore requires a special kind of lighting of every detail, every edge using a special technology that is used mainly during film production. Only after each detail is individually lit in such way that its strengths are highlighted can a perfect unit be created.

The perfect interior photography consists of precise details

Fotografování restaurací

Preparations for taking hotel photographs

During the preparations, we firstly prepare a list of locations, a time schedule, a technology list, which will be used to the individual locations, and a photography budget. The prices are set for one photograph, or for all of them, and they already include the price for preparations, photo taking and for post-production. Before the shoot, I will send you a check-list of the preparation of the individual location before the shooting. This will accelerate the work during the shooting itself. This mainly concerns tips that arise out of guidelines of supranational hotel chains that I work with and can even help smaller hotels and resorts to get professional photos even without the needed know-how.

Fotografování spa

Location styling

The location styling will depend on the size of the hotel. Some hotels have a specially trained housekeeping for photo sessions – the smaller hotels will benefit from having a responsible person, who will go through the sent checklist before the shooting. A perfectly ironed bedlinen is a must. Flowers that are of decent colours are chosen, so that they would correspond to the complementary colour of the space. Specific instructions can be arranged during the inspection or over email.

Fotograf hotelů

Hotel photos post-production

It must be remembered that my style requires a lot of post-production, so that each details could be made perfect. That is why we have to count with approximately 10 days for the postproduction work itself. Should you need to receive some photos earlier than that (for example for travel agencies, magazines, billboards…), we can arrange to have it processed as a priority. This is an additional service free of charge.

Realization choice of interior hotel photos

Augustine hotel *****

An almost secret hotel in the hearth of Malá Strana. Exceptionally luxurious rooms and privacy attract many celebrities. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger lived here during his stay in Prague. I recommend paying a visit to their restaurant in the middle of the garden in the closed area of the monastery. The sound of water from the fountain makes the beautiful atmosphere of this place. The entire hotel breathes with the spirit of the monastery.

Augustine, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Prague

Hotel Paris  *****

“Hotel Paris is so beautiful that it completely mesmerized me. So many mirrors and brass banisters and candelabras that it reminds you of a golden palace.” That is how the main protagonist of the book “I Served the King of England” talks about this place. I am very glad that I can work with this hotel in the long term and have the chance to invite the guests into the atmosphere of this pompous neo-gothic building in the hearth of Prague itself.

Fotografování interiérů

Imperial Hotel Prague  *****

This hotel offers beautiful furniture, which requires a very thorough technique of interior lighting. In hotel Imperial I had to follow up with a work of a different photographer and it was important to match as details in such way so that everything would look like one piece.

Hotelový fotograf

Intercontinental Prague  *****

The hotel, in which Michael Jackson or David Copperfield had lived, ordered my services. Photos of the exterior of the hotel had to be taken from a sky lift and the hotel had to be lit with special lamps used for filming. A big building needs big solutions.

Fotografie architektury

Raddison Blu Alcron Hotel *****

Raddoson Blu Alcron is a five-star hotel in Václavské náměstí. Bill Clinton or the rapper Snoop Dog used its presidential suite. Raddison Blu Alcron Hotel runs two restaurants directly in the building. Alcron is the only hotel restaurant in Czech Republic that has been awarded a Michelin star.

Raddison Blu Alcron Hotel  fotograf

Hilton Prague  *****

The hotel that most foreigners choose when travelling to Czech Republic. The first idea was to take photos using a drone, but in the end we opted for a completely different (and much more exciting) choice. We ordered a truck with a 80-meter-tall basket, in which I stood and took photos of the hotel for 2 straight hours.

Fotografování hotelu

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