Taking photos of food can have many forms. But it always should be about the perfect teamwork between the photographer and the chef.

Food & Beverage photography

When taking photos of food, I work exclusively on locations where the food is being prepared – in restaurants or hotels. It is also necessary to minimalize the time between the food is taken of the stove and when the photo is taken. That is how you get the most authentic and the “tastiest” photos.

Clients often ask me that they heard that a cooked goose gets sprayed by hair spray, so that it would be shinier, and that many different solutions are used to make the photo look better. Yes, it is true, but in most cases this only applies during film sessions, as the food needs to look fresh for a longer period of time. It is not necessary to use these techniques during photo sessions, as it does not take even a minute before the cooked food gets in front of a camera. So how it really is?


What is the procedure when taking photos of food?

  1. We agree on how the photos should look. What style we will choose. A chiaroscuro Rembrant style, a low-key, or a more high-key style of picture? It often happens that a client already took a look at other picture on the internet and which he likes. The best would be to show these pictures on our meeting and I will try to resemble this style as much as possible. I am happy to help, but I don’t force my ideas to anyone. If you wish to have your pictures shot as from your favourite food blog, I will happily do so.
  2. I will come to the photoshoot place and I will set up everything. This takes maximally 30 minutes. Then I set up the lights and the camera using a “testing food”. I do this so that everything would go quickly when we start the real shooting.
  3. The chef will bring the plate onto the table and we start the photoshoot. The photos are displayed on a big screen right away and we can check everything on the spot, adjust the composition and add details. This means that you don’t have to wait long for what the final result and we can immediately adjust everything until the result is perfect.
  4. Within 7 days I will send you the photos via email and after you have approved them or after a potential revision I will provide you with an invoice. Two revisions are free.

What are my references for food photos?

If you want to use my photo shooting know-how from top restaurants, then I will gladly help you. Send me a request and you will be pleasantly surprised with the price.

Alcron restaurant

A photoshoot with Roman Paulus in his Michelin-star restaurant.

Hilton Prague

A photoshoot with the world-renowned Italian chef Franco Luis. His sense for composition and playful style are really exceptional.

“Filip, I would like to thank you for the great job done for our pictures! Really amazing Thank you Thank you Thank you! Franco”

Fotograf jídla

Coffe break

Kings Court

“Filip is very professional, yet still much fun to work together. I can only recommend.”

Josef Schmidt, chef

Hotel Paris

Fotografování jídla